Terrie Teoh (F44)

Teikyo University of Science / Judo Therapy (2020~)

The reason of choosing PBT

Before I knew PBT, study abroad in Japan or study Japanese are always my dream. When I studied foundation in International Medical University (IMU), I heard from one of my Japan loving’s friend about PBT. After some time, I started to search information about PBT. Read through the info, I decided to tell my parents and discussed with them about my decision. Parents also suggested to search for more Japanese language schools for comparison. After comparison, research and info from friend, I found out that PBT is the only Japan Pre-U in Malaysia. I finally got parent’s permission. After visiting PBT, I’m surer about my goal. Since then, I started my Japanese study life.

School Life at PBT

Days at PBT was the happiest days in my study life. I have met a lot of like-minded friends, studied and understood Japan’s culture better.
The moment during classes and lunch time were my favorite time ever. We ate and chit chatted with my classmates.
In 2020, the impact of Covid-19 forced us to stay at home with online classes, but it still so much fun. Teachers tried their best to help us caught up our syllabus and made us graduate at time. The moments in PBT made unforgettable memories in my life.

Message for students

As the pandemic, maybe some people will give up the opportunity of study abroad but victory belongs to the most persevering. Although it is tough, we will just have to bite the bullet and go through it, you can make impossible possible. Learning Japanese doesn’t mean that we must study abroad. Learning one more language will show us that we have one more advantage than others. Studying with an open mind will help you to get to higher level on the journey of learning Japanese.
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