Reward System

Dear PBT students / alumni,

Notice of Reward System by Introducing New comer/s to Join PBT Full Time Course

PBT current students / alumni will be rewarded with RM1,000 by introducing new comer/s to join PBT.

Course Reward Item
Preparatory Course for Studies to Japan-12/20 months Course

Japanese Language Specialized Course-12/20 months Course

( Any courses Including “MIDWAY ADMISSION”)



<Introduction Method>

  1. E-mail the information about the applicant you would like to introduce to at
    Information Needed
    1. Your name
    2. Your commencement date into PBT and class (e.g.: April 2019, F44B)
    3. Your contact number and e-mail address
    4. The applicant's Name that you introduce.
    5. Which course the applicant would like to join. (e.g.: Preparatory Course for Studies to Japan -12 months Course)
    6. The applicant's contact number and e-mail address
    7. The previous school that the applicant attended. (e.g.: Kuen Cheng High School)
  2. The applicant you introduce should fill out "F. QUESTIONNAIRE  7. Reward System" in an application form and submit to Pusat Bahasa Teikyo. 
  3. Our staff will contact and confirm with you and the applicant once we receive an application form.
  4. After confirmation, our staff will contact you for the reward payment. (within 1 month after the enrollment.)


The introduction should be made before the enrollment. The introduction/ acknowledgement after enrollment will not be approved.