Kwek Bo Yang (F45)

Broadcasting Art College (2021~)

The reason of choosing PBT

When I was a kid I had always dreamt about going to Japan to study, I was however unsure of how I was going to manage this. After hearing from my cousin about PBT and the life it had afforded her over there though, I decided to give it a try after finishing my diploma. Now after a year of studying in PBT, I am proud to say that I have graduated and am currently writing this for you to read.

School life at PBT

I came in here thinking it’s going to be like another college class, but actually it was perhaps the best year of my life. Everyone, teachers and students alike, were very friendly, fun and helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. As the course got gradually harder, a certain pandemic hit us during this time and we were forced to do online lessons. Even so however, the teachers were still trying their best to teach us and helped us out even late into the night on some occasions. It would be fair to say that without their help, I would have never achieved JLPT N2, and I will always be thankful to the teachers and my whole class.

Message for students

Honestly, studying for N2 in a year might seem unrealistic, but rest assured that it is possible. You will meet friends who have the same goal as you and teachers that are willing to help you no matter what. Learning Japanese is hard but just do your best in this one year and don’t give up. You will certainly have no regrets about this at the end of the day, and maybe one day you will even have the opportunity to meet your friends from PBT again to reminisce about all the ups and downs while going through this course. In Japan, of course.
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