Tia Shee Qi (F40)

Kanagawa Institute of Technology / Information Media(2019~)

Study in PBT

I always have an interest in Japan and their culture since I was young. I came across Pusat Bahasa Teikyo in the internet and after discussing with my parent, I decided to enroll into this school. The first day of school, where the teacher taught us how to say greetings like “おはようございます” 、 “こんにちは” 、 “こんばんは” etc. I was impressed by the teacher because they taught and explained everything in Japanese and did not use any other languages. As a beginner in Japanese, the first few months, I struggled a bit in the vocabulary and grammar. However, after 9 months, I was able to watch a whole movie in Japanese and was shocked by my learning progress. This is all thanks to the responsible teachers in PBT and all the homework that we are given.

Life in a Japanese University

As I started my university, I was very anxious about everything. New friends, new environment, new syllabus etc. However, I was able to settle down everything after struggle a while. In my university, there is a place call English Lounge where native English tutor are there to talk and help Japanese students with English problems. I often visit the place to make friends and discuss my problems when I need help. I also joined a club as a helper to promote the university during Open Campus and other events. During my weekends, I usually work as a part time in a convenient store. I was able to learn an important lesson in Japan about time management and being late is an inappropriate behaviour. I had been late in my part time job once and was scolded by my boss. He told me that if you were late in your job or an event, you will implicate others and the work will be unable to carry out on time. After the incident, I was more self-conscious about my time management and reschedule all my time to avoid this behaviour.

Messages to Students

Do not give up your dreams to study in Japan. Even though it is a tough and stressful with a lot of homework and examination. Remember to stay positive, and practice every day because practice make perfect and do not forget to have fun in this moment. Lastly, I hope all the students in PBT will achieve their goals and stay healthy.
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