Jason Lee Khai Hsiang (F36)

Kanazawa University / Electrical and Computer Engineering (2017~)

The benefits of PBT’s education

What I have learned in PBT was very useful in terms of education as well as japan culture. PBT will use the issues in Japan as topics of learning and discussions, exposing the students to some of Japan’s culture. I am confident enough to say that the education that PBT provides is as good as the language schools in Japan if not better. The only downside is that you cannot get used to Japan culture as you are studying in Malaysia, but you would have saved a lot of money as living expenses in Japan are very high. The teachers in PBT are all Japanese, so the classes are all conducted purely in Japanese. The teachers here are all very willing to teach if you are willing to ask. All it takes is a bit of courage to practice your Japanese with the teachers.

School life in Japan

One of the benefits of going overseas is to learn how to live alone. Japan is a good place to start as the universities there are very helpful and caring towards foreign students. Although the paperwork and procedure may be a tad bit troublesome, they will slowly but surely help you get the basics of living alone down. In my case, I lived in their dormitory for about 9 months before moving out. I have attended quite a few get together parties organized by the dorm leader as well as the university. Another thing good about Japan is that you will pick up their clean culture. Living in Japan is very convenient making it a good place to start living alone. Japan is also trying to introduce more foreign students into Japan, therefore allowing you to not only interact with Japanese students, but also foreign students.
The university there gives you a lot of freedom. You can choose your own classes and arrange your own schedule to a certain degree (more than that of Malaysia’s university I think). There are also many clubs to choose from, so much so that you will get a headache just from looking at the leaflets you received on your first day. In short, you can choose to have a free and easy life or tight and busy life. You have a lot of freedom to choose. I am in the engineering course, in some semesters I have 4-5 classes a day, 5 days a week schedule, some semesters 3-4 classes a day, 3-4 days a week schedule. I am currently in the Bible study club and we meet weekly for Bible studies. Up till now, I have experienced being a waiter, ice cream shop seller, casher, hotel staff, home tutor and translator.

Message to students

If you want to go to Japan’s university, I would highly recommend PBT. It is a place as good as any other. If you want to help yourself, the teachers there are very willing to help, but if you don’t then no one can no matter where you go. The examinations are of course very important but speaking practices (most of the time neglected by others) are just as important if not more. To be able to listen to the question and answer is a skillset that you have to train, and it is something that you need to take initiative in practicing. Practice by asking and answering teachers there in Japanese, it will help you in university entrance interview, university projects, job hunting and more.
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