Ang Shuen(F42)

Shiga University / Economis (2020~)
Hi everyone, my name is Ang Shuen. 21 years old. I used to study in Nagoya in Japan for a short period, therefore I enrol l midway to Pusat Bahasa Teikyo (PBT) . 2019, I graduated from this school.

Why did I choose to go to Pusat Bahasa Teikyo (PBT) ?

First, I graduated from (SMK) secondary school which means I have only 11 years of education (6 years in elementary school + 5 years in secondary school). I went to Japan directly for further studies after graduate from high school because my counsin was in Japan. At that time, I did not know that most of the universities in Japan did not accept students with 11 years of education. I visit a lot of school there but none of them accept me. I have been told that I need to attend one year course in Japanese Language school which recognize by Ministry of Education to complete 12 years education year. Therefore, I do some research online and and found this Japanese language school in Malaysia. So this is the reason I come to PBT. Since I spent another year studying Japanese here, I decided to go for the best in order to go to National University in Japan because the tuition fee would be lower as I am not from a wealthy family and at the same time can decrease the burden of my parents.

Why I choose Japanese School

I have enjoyed watching Japanese anime since I was a child, and I look forward to anime such as Doraemon and Crayon Shinchan every weekend. Actually, I have been interested in Japanese culture since young just that I never thought I could study abroad. I went abroad to study after graduates from secondary school because my cousin was there and invite my to study together with him. It was an interesting experience. My mother suggest me to study abroad together with my counsin and I decided to give a try. Japan is really great, I didn't regret going to Japan for studies. After return to Malaysia, I still prefer Japan more than Malaysia. This thought had improve my motivation to learn Japanese well and get into a good university. I used to study in Japan casually, but now I sincerely want to study in Japan, work in Japan in the future, live in Japan, and start a career there.

School life

PBT is really a good school, and I don't think he loses to any Japanese school in Japan. The teachers are all Japanese and very kind. They definitely will help us whenever we face problem on homework. I am very honored to be studying in this school. Although some people might think it is better to learn Japanese at their local school as the environment there can help them to practice Japanese more. But if I don’t think it will work if ones did not have the motivation. This is something I learned while i studying in Japan. I don't think my Japanese language skill can achieve my current level even I study in Japan for more than 1-2 years . This is because this school really has a lot of homework and we always stay up late for those homework. Having said that, my class is a liberal arts class, and everyone in my class have performance well in academic. There are several geniuses are in my class. I gradually improve to achieve where I am today under this kind of competition. And now, successfully entered to National University of Japan (Shiga University).

Messages for junior

You definitely will not regret if you choose to study in Japan. It will be an interesting experience and you will find the difference between yourself and the Japanese and also change the values of this world. However, you have to know that Japanese society is really harsh. Japanese people are polite because they usually grow up in this harsh society. Please do not underestimate the national universities and Japanese society.
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