Zafirah Binti Abdul Gani (F38)

Hiroshima University / civil engineering (2018~)

Study at PBT

日本語上手ですね! (wow, you’re good at Japanese language!), this phrase always comes out from Japanese people as soon as they heard me talking in their language. Never thought that by 20 months of learning I can speak fluently in their language because I am so bad at language compared to mathematics etc. Most of my friends in Pusat Bahasa Teikyo applied to study there because of their interest in anime and Japan’s culture but not for me. I aimed to become a successful engineer and after I did some researches, Japan is one of the countries that many of the engineers recommend. So, why not try something new because difficulties strengthen the mind and I love to challenge myself to be stronger.

From that onward I had a love-hate-relationship with Pusat Bahasa Teikyo. It can be said like if there is someone that will to give me one million and I have to study again there. Honestly, I will refuse it but I really want that one million. The hurdles that you have to pass through are lots and your mental needs to be strong enough to go through that 20 months. It is probably because I don’t have any interest in language that makes it hard to go through it. Though I thought that I cannot do it, see where I am now. Things that makes me successfully graduated from it is sensei’s support and they always listen to your problem no matter what. They always push you to talk more and more. Before, I always kept myself silent even I have questions wandering in my mind because I am not confident with myself to talk in front of my friends, but they always convince me that it is okay to have it wrong now because there will not be sensei anymore to correct you if you are wrong later. With that, I am more confident with myself and don’t even afraid to ask questions even in university.

The thing that I afraid the most is when I further study, I don’t have any friends to hang out with me because I am unique (because of my scarf). Fortunately, there is no such thing as racist in my university and I have a lot of friends to hang out every weekend and of course study partner too.

Messages to PBT student

All of the have-to-memorize-kanji are all worth it and I am glad I chose Pusat Bahasa Teikyo. To kouhai (junior), maybe you feel that you are stuck in a bubble where you don’t feel real, but believe me you can escape the rubble. Goodluck!
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