Teoh Xing Ying (F44)

Teikyo University / Education and Culture (2021~)

Why Pusat Bahasa Teikyo ?

I decided to study abroad in Japan and had went through the internet to look for the most suitable language school that I could go for. However, I couldn’t find one until I attended an education fair held by JASSO. People did questioned me why in Malaysia but not Japan since I am planning to go to Japan. Well, comparing to those language schools which are located in Japan, PBT is way more affordable for me. Besides, PBT provides the same lesson to assure that the students can pass their way to any university in Japan, so why not.

School Life at PBT

Covid 19 strikes Malaysia around March 2020. Since then all of our classes had been rescheduled into online classes. To be honest, I was quite worried that I couldn’t focus on my study since I have no any experience about online learning. One of my biggest concern was I will not be able to cope having school and private life together in the same four walls. Luckily after a few weeks I started to adapt and learned how to manage my time affectively.
Every morning, my Japanese teacher will send us video and material for the lesson that day. Since its video, I could repeat the video to do my revision and stuff. It was really convenient for me especially before my exam. Besides, our teachers were also be able to share some videos and short clips to us during the virtual classes. Lessons become more interesting and time passes really fast.

Message to students

Learning Japanese is a challenge for sure and there is no escape to have a few disappointments of our own performance through the whole journey. But that’s the way so that we could remember mistakes we have made and a chance to improve ourselves. It will be a worth and regretless decision.
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