Tan Yu Xiu (F44)

Asia University/ Multicultural Communication (2021~)

The reason of choosing PBT

Since I was young, I knew firmly that my goal was to study in Japan. After that, I obtained some information regarding the requirement to study in Japan which must have at least 12 years of education background before pursuing university in Japan. Then, I realized that I have yet to complete 12 years of studies in my home country, Malaysia.
Therefore, I had the knowledge of PBT in a higher education fair and it is the only institution providing a Japanese preparatory program in Malaysia with lower fees compared to similar programs in Japan.

School life at PBT

All of the teachers are very helpful and enthusiastic in cultivating students. They spent much effort in all of the classes in terms of preparing study materials and lecturing with detailed explanations to help us in occupying the opportunities to study further in Japan.
Therefore, I am able to obtain a four-year scholarship to study in Japan. Although the process to apply for a university is complicated and complex, teachers always give their best support to us with the patience that I need. I appreciated all the teachers that previously assisted me in applying to the university.

Messages for students

Choosing what you want to learn in Japan is very crucial. It will motivate you to put in your effort, even though it is not an easy task to achieve your goals.
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