Ang Yi Yong (F32)

Muroran Institute of Technology / Aerospace System Engineering(2015~2020)
Muroran Institute of Technology / Master Degree in Aerospace System Engineering(2020~)

The useful thing that I learned in PBT

The most helpful thing that I learned in PBT is to use Japanese language as a tool. I am major in mechanical/aerospace engineering, a lot of technical terms and essential knowledge of science must learn start from the freshmen. At the beginning of freshmen, I was struggling about to understand Japanese while at the same time, also need to understand the meaning under the phrases. Something like studying a Japanese comprehension but all about physics. Fortunately, through 20 months of study in PBT, I have learned and get used to the native Japanese speaker. Speaking and communicating with sensei at PBT that really helps me to able to know how to use my limited vocabulary that I know of to express myself and to ask questions.
Another thing that helps me a lot is the mathematics, physic, and chemical subjects. Due to our different syllabus of Malaysia’s national high school and Japanese high school, especially the mathematics class, it really helps me to cop up with the syllabus in university.

The great thing about studying in Japan

One of my dreams, is to enrich live style of people through technologies. To achieve, the capabilities of technology and the skill to understand people’s thought are important elements. Japan is a country that very emphasis in education. Because of that, their examination is tough, on the other hand it generates a great capabilities and strength in technology. Another great culture of Japan is they are careful about their words and action, not to hurt the others nor troublesome others. I could be able to learn all those attitude and culture, that makes me feel great that I choose to further study in Japan.

Life studying in Japan

At the last year of bachelor, I was luckily be assigned to a laboratory doing research about satellites or space structures. I have learned a lot of cutting-edge technologies about space structures, during that one year. Currently, my master research is about Linear Hyper-G environment system. Something like using great thrust’s rocket engines on a train (we called it sled) to create Hyper-G environment. Other than that, I also participating in the 2U sized Microsatellite project called 「HIROGARI」. Although this is a one-time project in our university, and I joined half-way through the development, but I still be able to learn many precious experiences of developing microsatellite. 「HIROGARI」 is finally going into space at this end of February, and currently we are hardworking on the preparation of operation.

Message to Students

For those who are not good with Japanese, reading out loud exercise or communicate in Japanese EVERYDAY are the most effective way that helps to improve Japanese. The faster you could speak/reading out, the better your hearing will be. Finally, do not forgot and give up your dreams even if you were not getting great result in PBT. Be proud and stay confident.
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